Pride News! Edit

So far not much has popped up yet it has been a hassle in the pride! My faithful sister and the pride's last queen, Kayla3021 left! She is currently creating a pride so i wish her the best of luck and hope she returns to the pride again soon!

We have had no strikes from appledandylion so far in the week yet we cant get our hopes up as he might create a plan!

Some good news is the pride is now being reorganized and we are currently making the pride better!

king came back after taking a break from the pride due to being tired of younger pride members arguing, and he was concerned about his well being

I'm not in the pride anymore and idc. This page is no longer being updated because I don't want it to. This is no longer a pride page :) so move to a different page as this one doesn't exist to anyone anymore.

Whats New? Edit

Well Kayla30621 has returned as the mighty queen!

Many people have also left with a big BANG! Ghostpeppar11, Menkka and Szhp.

Selasweetcakes has returned after four months! We welcome her arrival greatly, she is not queen yet she is deputy!

Also Appledandylion strikes again! He tried to take cubs and kept following us around! Be on alert for when he comes back When he does!

To Be Blocked And Reported: Edit

No one because I've become a pacifist.

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