hello there my fellow pride

as you know, me and snow just explained in the main page about the rules of the pride, in this page, i am going to say comments that i usually would say to everyone in the pride on animal jam, as both inspiring and helpful

anyway, my first anecdote about the pride goes like this:

it was matthias mouse in brian jacques redwall who said that "martin the warrior is a great warrior"

cornflower looks up to matthias, and so do his buds

pretty much the same can be said about the pride, theres a instant sense of comradery between these people much similar to many prides,like the redwall abbey animals, or the lion prides in the lion king movies

pretty much anything that these people will say will make everyone laugh even me

now, my next anecdote , relates to snow magicmoon as well as snow,it also has a reference to tigris but it also has a nala reference in it:

you see, we as a pride, ever since sela helped establish it, believe that, it is neccessary to take risks to protect people from danger , and snow magicmoon a cub that i knew at the very beginning of this pride, took a lot of risks to protect everyone from darkstar ,that her family over time started to miss snow, by the time me and bell tried to find snow, she had already gone

now, this next part of the anecdote, refers to sela, it predates meeting snowflake arcticbrave, you see, tigris, (and no i am not talking about mastertigris), the tigris i am talking about,is a arctic wolf that i met before i met snow arcticbrave, tigris, a arctic wolf, i explained that story to vic and snow in repeats because sela apparently after 1 visit wanted me to leave tigris, which i think she should have talked it out with her instead of being mean,

now, with snow, i think this next part of the anecdote will explain why i met her in the beginning:

nala, to simba, is what snow is to me, a very kind and loyal person, and shes a good pride leader

victory arcticbrave, or kayla, is like my nala in a lamb way in many ways:

she can hunt for food very well, she can hunt for den items and clothing for the pride well, shes very nice to me, she can do pretty much a good job helping a cub

plus vic has many siblings who help to look after me

i will close this first page of king's corner by saying if you want more, please look at the table of contents here

warrior cat rules
redwall rules
prideland rules

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