Simbafan83's Pride =Edit

Simbafan83 is mentioned ALOT in this pride because he owns it :D. We have alot of pride members but we need new ones cause some older pride members probably left

so i hope you join as one of them.

Pride Golden Rules (carefully updated by king, with detail to each rule) :

1: No Arguing.

whenever a pride member like myself hears a lot of arguing from a younger pride member that doesn't know any better, this is not only unacceptable, but it also is the kind of behavior that a clan like shadowclan or some other clan would do just to seek attention from the other person, which violates both this rule and the no drama rule, you sometimes have to be stern toward a younger jammer to tell them it isn't right for them to argue with their elders, its like if a judge told his entire court audience to calm down if the person got out of line

2: No Drama.

just like the previous rule, in detail , this rule points out that letting younger jammers get out of line with their elders, in a completely unacceptable way, its the kind of rude behavior that a clan like shadowclan or other clans would do to seek attention, and we're not tolerant of people who are mean to the leaders, or other pride members

3: Treat Others How You Want To Be Treated.

this rule points out, that if any jammer treats others how you want to be treated in a nice and respectful way, no drama, no arguing, just resolving your problems in a respectful manner

4: Be Nice.

be nice to everyone, especially the leaders of the pride

5: Enjoy The Pride!

Pride Punishments:

Pride jury pay attention since when you choose a punishment, try and choose it from our list!

1: Warnings.

2:Temporary Time Out.

3:Permanent Time Out Until The Leaders Say So.

If you fail to follow the punishments or disagree, the punishment will automatically move up.

Pride Positions:

1:Newborns: Newborns are cubs in the pride who are 1-3 days old, when their time is up, they can choose to stay as a cub for awhile longer or grow up, they remain in the room they are born in until they grow, they need to be accompanied by a lioness at all times, not specifically their mother either.

2:Cubs: After 3 days as newborn, they grow into cubs, then they are aloud to explore the den, still accompanied of course and when they sleep, they no longer need their babysitter or mother so close to them unless they wish them to. Normally are 3-6 days old.

3:Apprentices: These apprentices are aloud to leave the den with a mentor yet does not need to be accompanied in the den anymore, they can also train with their mentor in the den.Normally 6-10 days old.

4:Full Pride Lions: These lions are 10+ days old and can only now move up when the pride leaders promote them. They can go anywhere unaccompanied.

5:Pride Jury: The pride jury are the only lions who may choose the lions punishment BUT they still need the leaders permission to go on with the punishment best suited.Normally 1-6 in a jury.

6:Pride Deputies: They can help around and organize things with the leaders, they become leaders when the main leaders are off.Normally 1-6 pride deputies.

7:Pride Leaders: They take most decisions in their hands and their are only two(King and Queen) which should be treated with upmost respect.

I will soon start posting pride news yet for now this is all i have, join soon and if you have, keep intact ready for pride news.